• Bruce and Velita Behnke, Saratoga, California  
    Steve has a very practical and sensible approach. He is very responsive at following up on the issues and helping solve any problem that should arise. He is the epitome of integrity and you can always count on him and his crew to perform to the highest standards to attain your goals…He has remodeled our home in Saratoga, helped with the design and built a duplex property in Los Gatos, as well as updated many of our investment properties.
  • Ruth Launer and Tony Perreira, Los Gatos, California  
    This unsolicited letter comes as a "thank you" for the wonderful work you and your crew did for us on our home in Los Gatos. We are thrilled with the outcome of the renovations. The windows are beautiful and the new exterior plywood walls and insulation show careful workmanship. It was a rewarding experience to work with a professional like you who did what you said you were going to do, when you said you would do it and who provided excellent product. Your workers were like our own family and we missed them when they left. We have had some disappointing experiences with contractors in the past, so it was wonderful to work with such a fine person as you. We would be most happy to recommend you to anyone in need of a contractor. Please accept our thanks and best wishes for continued success. Sincerely, Ruth Launer and Tony Perreira
  • Dale and Barbara Hopper, San Jose, California  
    To our extended family, We are enjoying our "new" home. We thank each and every one of you for the care and expertise you showed in every step of our project. What you did is beautiful. As special friends, please stop in to see your work and visit with us. Fondly, Dale and Barbara Hopper
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