A remodeling project takes time. At Rehder Construction, we believe that having trust and confidence in the professional you choose is an important first step in the whole process.  You need to know that you and your vision for improving your HOME comes first with us.

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Connection We appreciate the uncertainty of every potential client who calls us for a consultation. At our initial meeting, it is our goal to be listening to your ideas, seeing your vision, knowing your investment limits, and matching the best quality to that value. We are committed to understanding exactly what it is you are hoping to accomplish. From your first phone call and on to our preliminary meeting(s) we hope you feel comfortable, validated and connect with our style and thorough approach.


After careful consideration of your options, we know that you will have developed the level of TRUST and CONFIDENCE in us needed for this important transformation of your home and will sign a Design Agreement to go ahead with Rehder Construction. Next, our highly qualified architect or design associates join our mission to create the best design possible for your needs and lifestyle. Communication is key at this stage of the process so that “what you want is what you get!”

What if I already have plans?

Then you are ready for the next step…

Your choices at this planning stage determine a more realistic budget. Several options for your project may need to be considered until everything matches up, and this is where we help the reality of your budget match the best quality of materials. Here is where your priorities for scope, materials, quality, and value become major determiners.


Next, when our detailed Specifications and Contract has been agreed upon, the transformation begins!! This is often the most exciting, but sometimes stressful part of the process and when your trust and confidence comes in to play. Our goal is to give you PEACE OF MIND throughout this phase…friendly and expert craftsmen, timely schedules, attention to detail, respectful treatment of your home, and continual communications with you, our client.

It’s your home and we want you to be happy!

Follow Up

Construction You will now have joined our “family” of satisfied clients so we want to keep you that way. We will continue to keep in touch and you will know where to find us if ever you need our services again. We have been around since 1980 and we aren’t going anywhere.